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What To Do If A Contractor Damages Your Property

Professional contractors seldom damage anyone’s property. However, accidents can happen even when working with a seasoned professional. Because of this, some homeowners ask: “what could I do if a construction company damaged my property?”

In most cases, the contractor will be responsible for any damage their onsite crew may have caused. However, you may also have to deal with their insurance company. To help you out, we will answer questions like “can I file a claim against my contractor’s insurance” and “what to do if a contractor damages your property.”

Always Choose Insured Contractors

Every licensed contractor is required to be insured and bonded. Therefore, it is always best to choose contractors that have liability insurance. When you hire professional services, always ask for their insurance details from the get-go. You’ll need the name of their insurer, contact details, policy number and the amount their policy carries.

Make sure that the liability insurance amount meets the current limits in your area. You can check your local building department to get that information. When your contractor is insured and bonded, you can be sure that the terms stated in your contract will be met. If any issues occur during repairs or maintenance, the insurance company or the surety will cover all your losses.

Who Pays for Property Damage?

So, what to do if a contractor damages your property? Your first step is to contact your contractor and ask how they can remedy the situation. You won’t have to worry about the extra expenses if your contractor is properly insured and bonded. Contractors will fix the issue themselves and then process the claim with their insurance company to cover their losses.

However, there will be times when a contractor will deny any responsibility. There are cases when they can do so, especially when the damage was preexisting or it wasn’t legitimately their fault. In such cases, you need to resolve the issue in a small claims court.

Processing Insurance Claims

You need to understand what to do if a contractor damages your property. In many instances, your contractor will file the claim with their insurer. You need to provide them with essential information such as the value of the furniture and other goods. Take photos of damaged items to help substantiate the insurance claim. Helping your contractor by providing all the necessary documentation helps to speed up the claims process.

However, in cases when the damage is only minor, contractors can just fix the damage for free. If a reputable contractor damages your house, they’ll fix small problems even if you don’t ask them to. In addition, they may be more willing to pay for the damage out of pocket if it’s cheaper than having their premiums go up.

Contractors Damaging Other People’s Property

There are instances where another homeowner’s property gets involved. For instance, a cleaning company damaged your property but also managed to cause harm to another person’s area. Incidents like these can happen in apartments and condominiums where people live next door to each other.

If the cleaning company damaged your property, you have claims on their general liability insurance. However, if their crew damages your neighbor’s property, their team must process it with your friend next door. All you can do to help is to provide the other property owner with the contractor’s insurance details if they haven’t obtained it yet.

Handyman Has No Insurance

When people ask: “what to do if a construction company damages my property,” the usual answer is that it will be covered by the liability insurance they carry. However, sometimes people ask a friend to fix things in the house, hoping it will save them time or money.

The downside to doing that is you can’t rely on insurance to cover any damages, should problems arise. However, when dealing with a professional contractor with no insurance, you can recoup your losses by taking them to court.

Another option is to rely on your homeowners’ insurance, which can cover renovation damages provided that it’s covered under your policy. If a contractor damages your house and they don’t have liability insurance, you may be able to use your homeowners’ insurance instead. In some instances, your own insurance may cover poor workmanship.

Subrogation Process

Can I file a claim against my contractor’s insurance? You can file the claim yourself, or the contractor can do it for you. However, sometimes it’s easier and much faster if you file a claim on your homeowners’ insurance instead. If your insurer approves your claim, they will usually go through a process called subrogation. They will foot the bill for the repairs and home restoration, but will go after your contractor’s insurance company to recover the losses.

Book Short-Term Rentals During Property Repairs

When the damage caused by a contractor is extensive, you may have to move to temporary housing while repairs are ongoing. It is best to get short-term rental accommodations, so you remain comfortable and go on with your day-to-day routines. 

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