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Atlanta Fourth of July in 2019

Atlanta, Georgia has a way of enchanting visitors no matter what time of year you arrive, but if you’re lucky enough to be here over Independence Day, the city will not disappoint. This dynamic destination is known for its many festivals, fairs, and a general sense of fun, so it comes as no surprise that the area comes to life when it’s time to celebrate an Atlanta fourth of July....

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Holidays in Atlanta

Planning the Perfect Mother’s Day Getaway to Atlanta

Mom does a lot for everyone in the family, so this year, make the most of your Mother’s Day celebration by planning an unforgettable trip to Atlanta! This vibrant and fun city promises to bring endless options for entertainment and pampering your mom on this day dedicated to all she does. When you’re in the process of putting together that perfect Mother’s Day itinerary, here are a few essential starting...

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Holidays in Atlanta

How to Celebrate Halloween in Atlanta

There is never a better time to check out Atlanta, Georgia for a fun-filled vacation getaway than Halloween week. Many exciting events are held around town that are perfect for all ages. Here is how you can celebrate Halloween in Atlanta during your trip: Little 5 Points Halloween Festival & Parade Each year, the Halloween Festival & Parade is put on by Little 5 Points for a day full of...

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Activities in Atlanta

Things to Do in Atlanta with Your Kids

Vacations can be a mixed blessing, especially if children are involved, as there rarely seems to be activities that family members of all ages can enjoy. Young children, for the most part, do not enjoy being dragged to museums to see a bunch of old dusty stuff, have a short attention span for plays, shopping, and historic monuments, and generally are not afraid to display their dislike and boredom. In...

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