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Spring Journey to Atlanta

It’s easy to fall in love with Atlanta any time of year, but spring brings something special to a visit with its cooler temperatures, thinning crowds and sense of possibility. As the flowers begin to bloom across this urban landscape and the heat of summer hasn’t yet settled, visitors to the city in the spring will find a multitude of options for exploring and enjoying. Here are a few highlights to make sure are penciled in on the itinerary when you’re heading for Atlanta on a Spring break:

Day 1: Bicycle Tours of Atlanta

Founded in 2009, Bicycle Tours of Atlanta delivers up a unique experience for visitors looking to make the most of city highlights with the wind in their hair. These eco-friendly, relaxed and narrated trips give guests an historical background on the city while allowing for quicker movement between landmark locations. Guest can choose from several customized bike tours including those that focus on civil rights, historic neighborhoods or street art. Knowledgeable guides and helmets provided with each tour makes for a scenic and safe tour of the city that’s made to inspire.

Bicycle Tours of Atlanta
659 Auburn Ave NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30312
(404) 273-2558

Day 2: Atlanta Botanical Garden

Conservation, beauty and education lead the way when you make a springtime visit to the Atlanta Botanical Garden. As flowers bloom and colors change, each visit to this peaceful locale brings something new and different. Wander the cobblestone pathways through exotic foliage or grab a bench and admire the view from between the many leaves and petals. A combination of plant collections alongside plant-inspired art installations makes this stop a creative experience for everyone. Friendly staff are always on-hand to offer up tips, tricks and helpful advice to the expert and aspiring gardener. Swing through the souvenir shop and stop for a quick bite on the outdoor patio to ensure your visit ends on a delicious note.

Atlanta Botanical Garden
1345 Piedmont Ave NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30309
(404) 876-5859

Day 3: Zoo Atlanta

When a traveling menagerie went bankrupt in Atlanta in 1889, nobody could have anticipated that it would transform into what is today a flourishing city zoo. A vast array of animals call this location home and Zoo Atlanta holds the title of the city’s longest standing cultural institution. Providing a place for people and animals to co-exist, learn and grow, Zoo Atlanta is a great springtime stop that provides cooler weather and helps guests avoid the summertime crowds. Guests have opportunities to watch trainers feeding the animals and participate in educational presentations that are held daily onsite. Come see the many lions, elephants, monkeys and more that thrive within this center of conservation.

Zoo Atlanta
800 Cherokee Avenue SE
Atlanta, Georgia 30315
(404) 624-5600

Atlanta Georgia Spring Break

Once you’ve stopped to smell the springtime roses, make sure your evening is equally as sweet. A stay in a vacation home booked through Atlanta Luxury Rentals means you’ll enjoy a city center location with accommodations customized to your personal taste and style. Each of our properties is designed with the highest standards in mind and bring the privacy of home alongside the comforts that go above and beyond expectation. Contact us today to being planning an Atlanta Spring break you won’t ever forget!

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