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Adventure Seeker

Exploring the bustling streets of Atlanta can be exciting, but those with a soul for adventure activities in Atlanta may need a bit more to make a trip truly unforgettable. When you’re headed to the heart of Georgia and you’re looking to make the most of adrenaline-pumping moments, there are a few urban and outdoor highlights you won’t want to miss. Whether you find thrills on the land or in the sky, Atlanta has several spots perfect for taking care of that adventurous spirit that you carry with you during your travels.

Day 1: Atlanta Adventures Tours

The average traveler might find a Segway tour of the city adequate for experiencing landmarks and highlights, but for the adventure seeker, a Segway trip through Stone Mountain Park takes it up to the next level. Atlanta Adventures Tours offers a 5-mile excursion around a scenic loop giving guests the opportunity for spectacular views and photos along the way. Get off the beaten path and into the nature that Atlanta calls its own and do it all on two wheels. Lakes, luscious landscape and views of exposed granite make this a memorable experience unlike any other.

Atlanta Adventure Tours
1000 Robert E Lee Blvd
Stone Mountain, Georgia 30083
(404) 965-3007

Day 2: Atlanta Helicopter Tours

When the ground just won’t cut it, take to the sky in adventurous style by booking a helicopter tour of Atlanta with Atlanta Helicopter Tours. Guests have option to choose between rides that last anywhere from 10-minutes to an hour. See the downtown skyline from a brand-new vantage point or follow along rivers from above for a bird’s eye view of how the urban is tucked against nature. Scenic and thrilling, a helicopter tour takes you to new heights and leaves you with one-of-a-kind views of the city.

Atlanta Helicopter Tours
1 Corsair Dr.
Atlanta, Georgia 30341
(404) 00-6468

Day 3: Mission Escape Atlanta

When you’re traveling in Atlanta with a group and everyone’s up for something unique and challenging, it’s time to give Mission Escape Atlanta a try. The Study comes highly recommended and gives guests 1-hour to try and find a lost diamond within the complex walls of the library belonging to Claude Jean Phillipe. The catch? This room only opens back up once you’ve figured out where the diamond is based on clues you pick up and decipher along the way. With room to accommodate 6-10 players, this is a fun and intense way to spend an afternoon with friends.

Mission Escape Atlanta
500 Bishop St NW E3
Atlanta, Georgia 30318
(678) 369-0050

Adventure Seeker

When a day of thrill-seeking comes to a close, the team at Atlanta Luxury Rentals is here to make sure you’ve booked the ideal vacation home. Our portfolio of beautiful rentals keeps guests close to the heartbeat of the city while providing the privacy, comfort and extras you’ve been searching for. We’re happy to search for a customized property upon request and are always here to help any questions that arise before or during your trip. Contact us today to start planning your adventure activities in Atlanta!

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