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Big Escape Rooms


We all have our favorite childhood memories of make believe. Some pretended to be astronauts exploring the final frontier, some dreamed of writing the Great American Novel, or winning an Oscar for their acting prowess, and still others dreamed of being Nancy Drew or Frank Hardy, following clues that no one else noticed to solve big crimes. If the latter was your childhood dream and you’re planning on vacationing in Atlanta anytime soon, a visit to Big Escape Rooms may make this vacation the best one ever!

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Located at 444 Highland Avenue NE #415

Escape rooms are popping up all over the nation, and chances are you have one in your hometown already, but if you’ve never experienced one or even heard of one, now is the time to change all that. The basic premise behind any escape room is that a group of people are locked in a themed room and given a select number of clues to help them break out within a certain time or they lose. Big Escape Rooms in Atlanta offers four types of escape rooms, ranging in difficulty from beginner to very high difficulty. The four rooms are as follows, starting with the simplest and working up to the most difficult:


– Designed after the Atlanta Hawks locker room, participants have 45 minutes to decipher three clues and escape to make it to the court in time for the big game. 50% escape rate.


– Although the difficulty rate on this one is only medium, if you suffer from coulrophobia (fear of clowns), you may want to pass on this frightful escape room. With three clues and one hour, you must find a way to escape crazy Boris the serial killer clown. 35% escape rate.


– This high difficulty room takes you to a museum and an ancient Egyptian haul of gold, jewels, and other artifacts. In this room, you must solve the mystery of the missing Dr. Jones in order to save the big show! 20% escape rate.


– The fourth and final room has the highest rate of difficulty, and you and your partners must save the world from a deadly disease with the use of six clues. With a 9% escape rate, you and your team must really be on the ball!

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