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Sushi Hayakawa

Location: 5979 Buford Highway NE, Atlanta, GA

As soon as you open their webpage you understand the whole approach to the environment and cuisine that Chef Atsushi Hayakawa has created at Sushi Hayakawa. It’s simple and features authentic and artfully created dishes from a master.

When you walk in the door of the restaurant you get the same feeling—unassuming, simple, and easy to enjoy. This also goes for Chef Hayakawa, who entertains in a quiet, friendly manner while he prepares his masterpieces. The menu is also simple—you order Honkaku Omakase or go to the sushi bar.

Honkaku Omakase

This multi-course dinner is reserved to small parties (usually only four per night) and is prepared and served at the table by the chef. It consists of 14 courses of various kinds of fish, all artfully prepared with minimalism and flavor as compliments. Why have flavors that fight for dominance when you can have a unified taste in the entire meal?

Sushi Bar

If the $185 Honkaku Omakase is a little out of your reach, the sushi bar is also an amazing experience and offers the best sushi in Atlanta. With favorites like scallops and ahi tuna alongside more exotic choices like octopus. It’s important to understand here that the dish, nigiri, is the one by which all things sushi are measured—at least for true sushi lovers. Here Chef Hayakawa makes an indelible impression, with his thick slabs of fish rolled into curls nestled on his perfect rice, with just enough wasabi to tickle your brain.

One thing to be aware of is that you will need reservations for Sushi Hayakawa. Possibly weeks or more in advance. If you’re traveling to Atlanta, call a long while before you leave, especially if you are ordering the Honkaku Omakase. This dish often requires a special order of fish from Japan and can take some time to fulfill.

Even if you’re going to the sushi bar, you must make reservations. People are often turned away, disappointed that they will miss this chef’s skill and artistry. If you truly want the best sushi in Atlanta and beyond, call ahead and reserve your seats. It will be well worth it to spend time with this amazing and artistic chef.

And before you leave, make sure you read the policies page. Chef Hayakawa has a few common-sense requirements for enjoyment of the full experience for all diners, such as no fragrances, mobile phones turned off, and age limit for children.

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