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Top Things You May Not Know About Atlanta

Planning a vacation is exciting in every way. It can be fun to learn about the tourist attractions, unique adventures, indoor and outdoor activities, food options, and the overall lifestyle of the destination you are visiting. Such a thorough understanding can help you to plan a detailed itinerary without missing out on any unique and must-do activities. You can refer to many travel blogs to know about any hidden, yet significant spot in the new area. If you only refer to the popular and famous tourist attractions, you may miss out on some hidden gems in the area. When you are searching for a vacation spot, you must also consider the interest level of every member in your group. You need a destination that has something for everyone.

For one such happening and vibrant city that has lots to do and explore, you can consider Atlanta, Georgia. The city has many indoor and outdoor attractions where you can have a great time with family and friends. You can enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, biking, photography, wildlife watching, and much more. It also has excellent restaurants all over the city with gourmet food choices, diverse cuisines, and authentic flavors. We’ve listed a few of the top Atlanta facts you may not know below to help you plan your stay!

Top Hidden Things About the Area

Before planning a trip to Atlanta, you can learn about some hidden and interesting things that can make your experience enjoyable. Atlanta is rightly termed as a ‘City in a Forest.’ It has more than 10,000 shade trees that form a thick cover of forest within the city. Atlanta is known as the most heavily forested urban area in the country—it covers more than 46% of the city.

The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the world’s busiest airport with more than 101 million passenger movements. It is a central hub of transportation with thousands of connections. The terminal is extremely huge and covers an area of more than 45 football fields.

The tallest building in Atlanta has a height of 1023 feet and forms an iconic symbol in the Atlanta skyline. It is known as Bank of America Plaza. The building does not have a street-level pedestrian entrance. Visitors can enter the building from the underground street-level parking.

If you are excited to visit the world’s largest drive-in restaurant, you can head to the famous Varsity. Located downtown, it is known for its wide menu of burgers, fries, soda, and much more. It serves a large volume of Coca-Cola in the birthplace of this popular beverage.

More fun facts about Atlanta are that it’s a hometown for music with many popular bands and artists known for their amazing talent starting in the city. With popular names like Childish Gambino, Waka Flocka, Outkast, Gucci Mane, CeeLo Green, and Killer Mike getting their start in Atlanta, you cannot miss the vibrant music history. The city is on track to be the next Hollywood with multiple shows and movies shot all around the city. It is one of the leading cities for movie and television production in the country with several popular names to its credit.

Atlanta deserves the title of ‘The Rising Phoenix,’ as it rose from the ashes after thorough destruction of the city during war in 1864. Only around 350-400 buildings survived, yet all the city was rebuilt within a short duration.

Take a closer look at such interesting Atlanta facts during your next trip. The city is known for its rich history, culture, and lifestyle. You can see a perfect mixture of old and new, traditional and modern, and historic and futuristic aspects in the city. Book a comfortable accommodation with us at Atlanta Luxury Rentals and enjoy a perfect home away from home. We have plenty of luxurious rental condos with many fantastic amenities. Give us a call today!

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