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kid friendly activities in Atlanta

5 Best Kid Friendly Activities in Atlanta

Vacations can be a mixed blessing, especially if children are involved, as there rarely seems to be activities that family members of all ages can enjoy. Young children, for the most part, do not enjoy being dragged to museums to see a bunch of old dusty stuff, have a short attention span for plays, shopping, and historic monuments, and generally are not afraid to display their dislike and boredom. In loud voices. No matter where you are and how many people are staring. Because we care about our guests, however, we at Atlanta Luxury Rentals have compiled this list of the five best kid friendly activities in Atlanta during your stay—no whining, temper tantrums, or boredom allowed!

Georgia Aquarium, 225 Baker Street NW

Ok, let’s be honest here: Who DOESN’T like to spend a few hours looking at colorful fish in gigantic aquariums? We’re not seeing anyone raise their hands, so be sure and take your littles to the Georgia Aquarium while you’re here. It’s one of the largest aquariums in the world, containing not just fish, but sharks, whales, penguins, and so many more creatures from the sea!

Atlanta Zoo, 800 Cherokee Avenue SE

The zoos of today are a far cry from the ones of our youth. Dedicated to conservation and providing a safe harbor for animals of all sizes, the Atlanta Zoo does all that and more. Visiting during feeding time offers the best time to see the animals at their most active. Also, be sure to stop and see the giant pandas; We are one of only four zoos in the nation with these gorgeous animals!

Center for Puppetry Arts, 1404 Spring Street NW

By now you may have noticed we do things in a big way here in Atlanta, and the Center for Puppetry Arts is the largest of its kind! Dedicated to the preservation of a historic art form, it’s a museum, a performance center, and a place for adults to rediscover the child living deep inside!

Children’s Museum of Atlanta, 275 Centennial Olympic Park Drive NW

The Children’s Museum of Atlanta is one of the rare exceptions to children disliking museums. Designed to stimulate the interest of our curious youngsters and featuring interactive exhibits that educate as they entertain, even the over-18 crowd will find something fun about this under-18 kids’ zone!

The Fernbank Science Center,156 Heaton Park Drive

Science wasn’t one of our favorite topics when we were growing up, but that’s due in part to the lack of places like the Fernbank Science Center in our lives! Geared to promote excitement in science and offering a planetarium, interactive exhibits, and the opportunity to explore the Apollo 6 Command Module, your future scientist will be beaming for days after a visit here.

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