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Whiskey Bird

A culinary trip through Atlanta is bound to bring about stops at restaurants that celebrate the best of traditional fare. From Southern comfort food to Italian specialties, there’s something for everyone who travels with a specific taste in mind. That being said, Atlanta is also home to some incredible establishments that specialize in cultural fusion. Where food meets a variety of international trends, techniques and flavors, a magical food moment is often born. Whiskey Bird is one such restaurant that has perfected the art of innovative designed combined with fan-favorite flavors. Located at 1409 North Highland Avenue Northeast, Whiskey Bird brings a brand-new take on flavor right into the heart of Atlanta.

Named for Flavor

As one of Atlanta’s premier restaurants when it comes to American and Asian infusion, Whiskey Bird stays true to its multicultural roots with a name that speaks to the primary cocktail ingredient in house-crafted beverages as well as a winged reference to yakitori. Whiskey Bird is known for both it’s creative take on food as well as an innovative approach to presentation, Whiskey Bird embraces its boldness through ever-changing flavors.

Menu Highlights

Guests to Whiskey Bird in Atlanta will have the option to indulge in a variety of dishes that balance diverse American ingredients with traditional Asian delicacies. Yakitori is by far a fan favorite with options to mix and match meats and vegetables on a kabob-style skewer which is then grilled to taste. Those traveling and tasting their way through Atlanta with children often find yakitori to be an entire family pleaser. Beyond yakitori, diners at Whiskey Bird can select delicious menu items including smoked salmon wontons, burrata and spicy Korean braised short rib. Korean rice cakes, roasted pork tenderloin and pan-seared scallops also regularly grace the menu. Veggies and greens are plentiful for those who enjoy a meat-free dining experience while gyoza tacos keep meat-lovers satisfied as well. No matter what meal you select, dessert is well in order. With sweet selections like key lime bars, hummingbird cake and ice cream on the menu it’s not always easy to narrow down your final selection of the evening. If you truly can’t decide, the warm chocolate bread pudding comes highly recommended for its incredible flavor and smooth texture.

Whiskey Bird in Atlanta

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