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The General Muir

The many delicious restaurants of Atlanta are a testament to the many stories behind the establishments. From Southern comfort food to upscale seafood specific fare, Atlanta plays the part of perfect host for a variety of restaurants looking to please palates with diverse flavors and creative takes on tradition. Those spending time in Atlanta and craving a New York Deli with options to dine-in will fall in love with The General Muir. Located at 1540 Avenue Place, The General Muir is a slice of the Big Apple right in the heart of Atlanta.

Heartfelt History

The General Muir in Atlanta is a modern take on a traditional New York-style Deli that comes with a rich history. When co-owner Jennifer Johnson’s grandparents immigrated to New York in 1949, it was onboard the refugee vessel The General Muir. Having survived the atrocities of the Holocaust, her grandparents were dedicated to beginning life anew in the land of opportunity. It is with this same spirit of hope, inclusion, warmth and welcome that The General Muir staff serve up the freshly-baked fare to customers in Atlanta on a daily basis.

Mouthwatering Menu Items

The General Muir is a multi-faceted establishment that serves up breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. Guests who love the breakfast food rush will be please with the weekend brunch options available here. The General Muir features a full espresso bar and happily serves up Batdorf & Bronson Coffee which is locally roasted. While The General Muir is a wonderful place to stop and sit and enjoy something savory, there is also a service counter available for take away orders in true New York style.

Breakfast is a well-loved highlight at The General Muir and includes everything from bagels to fish and potatoes, three-egg omelets, French toast and grits. The lunch menu moves on to deviled eggs, roast beef and pastrami sandwiches alongside a variety of sides including potato salad and Coleslaw. Dinner is comprised of selections that include Matzah Ball soup, lentils, burger stacks and corned beef. Not to worry, bagel lovers aren’t limited to the breakfast crowd as these delicious bread grace the menu from morning until night. Whether you’re in the mood for fresh cut meats, the perfect party platter or simply looking for a great place to hang out with a cup of coffee, The General Muir has what you’re looking for.

The General Muir in Atlanta

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