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Silom Thai and Sushi Bar


There’s something wonderfully exciting about a trip to Atlanta, Georgia. Packing their bags, visitors are often looking forward to time spent enjoying downtown fun, walks through iconic parks, visits to world-class museums, and even encounters with incredible marine life at the Georgia Aquarium! For all of the activities and tours this city hosts, it’s also a destination that speaks to those with a passion for palate-pleasing adventures. For the traveler looking forward to dining their way through the city, the options are vast and when you’re in the mood for Thai specialties during your visit, a stop at Silom Thai and Sushi Bar Atlanta is bound to be a culinary highlight.

Traditional Favorites with a Twist

Silom Thai and Sushi Bar is located at 3345 Lennox Road NE in Atlanta and provides guests with a wonderful and welcoming place to enjoy traditional Thai and sushi favorites in a setting that pairs contemporary with upscale elegance. Silom Thai and Sushi Bar is the second restaurant opened by Chef Terry who also created Bangkok Station in Buckhead in 2015 and has vast experience in Thai restaurants in Atlanta. The interior has guests feeling that they’ve stepped into another world entirely. Natural wood benches provide unique seating options in the main dining room which also includes large chandeliers overhead, Asiatic art on the walls, and glittering lights throughout. Sleek wood flooring sits in wonderful contrast to the lush green foliage found in the restaurant, creating a space where nature, industrial-chic aesthetics, and traditional designs collide in an unexpected balance.

Menu Highlights to Enjoy

The options are vast and varied when you make time for a meal at Silom Thai and Sushi Bar. Those looking to savor small plates will be able to pick and choose from selections that include everything from fried tofu and gyoza to okra, tempura, and edamame. Thai specialties on the menu include options such as pad thai, green curry, and fried rice while the variety of sushi rolls is also sure to please. Silom Thai and Sushi Bar is proud to serve up ramen options as well and hosts a full bar for the guest that’s looking to pair their plate with just the right beer, wine, or sake.

Making the Most of Sensational Surroundings

It’s no secret that those travelers who enjoy palate-pleasing moments in new places will find plenty of reasons to be thrilled with a meal at Silom Thai and Sushi Bar. This delightful destination offers up a variety of flavors that are bound to delight, introducing guests to culture and savory options in equal measure. While the fresh fare at Silom Thai and Sushi Bar is a highlight of an Atlanta journey, a meal enjoyed at this location also keeps guests close to nearby attractions and activities that are worth checking out as well! When you’re looking forward to making the most of every moment of your getaway and expanding the itinerary in style, the following options are just a few of many to add to your list of must-do activities in this neighborhood and close by.

Lenox Square

When you’re looking to work up an appetite before your time savoring a meal at Silom Thai and Sushi Bar, a trip to nearby Lenox Square is bound to inspire! It doesn’t take long to reach this destination which is located at 3393 Peachtree Road NE. Lenox Square is an iconic and highly popular shopping mall known for its upscale ambiance and wide range of specialty boutiques that feature one of a kind and big-name brands alike. Within the parameters of Lenox Square, visitors can also enjoy browsing a range of eateries that speak to just about every taste and flavorful preference. Whether you’re on the hunt for apparel, looking for unique home goods or could just enjoy walking the multiple levels while browsing, it’s a stop that’s worth checking out while you’re in town.

Frankie Allen Park

When shopping and dining in style have left you craving time in the fresh air, Frankie Allen Park is an accessible and nearby option. Located at 100 Bagley Street NE, this park is open to the public daily between 6:00 am and 11:00 pm and offers up a multitude of paved trails and towering trees to enjoy. Those looking forward to relaxing on scenic green spaces can do so at Frankie Allen Park which also hosts baseball diamonds, tables for picnics with family as well as tennis courts when you’re up for some friendly competition! Those that are always on the lookout for unique stops within public parks will find the historic, yet small graveyard that’s found onsite at Frankie Allen Park to be particularly one of a kind. Whether you’re here to walk, enjoy the scenery, or play, Frankie Allen Park is a great option for visitors of all interests and preferences.

Enjoy the Best of the City

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