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Rumi’s Kitchen

The culinary scene that graces Atlanta, Georgia is just as well-loved for its local creations as it is for the establishments that feature fare from across the globe. When you’re in the area and looking for a place that dishes up Persian delights, you’ll want to make a reservation at Rumi’s Kitchen. This Roswell Road restaurant provides an authentic blend of flavors that transport guests to another continent through flavors, spices, and a warm and welcoming ambiance.

Food and a Friendly Atmosphere

Named in honor of the famous Persian Poet Rumi, Rumi’s Kitchen in Atlanta is built on a foundation of belief that was first voiced by the poet in the 13th century. Cooking up meals in the name of happiness, peace, and love is a top priority for the management of this pristine place of culinary arts. Guests are encouraged to come in and indulge in the comfortable seats, enchanting glow and of course, amazing flavors that are provided. A knowledgeable staff is on-hand to help guests pick and choose meal pairings that make for a delightful journey for the palate.

Menu Favorites

Everything on the menu at Rumi’s Kitchen is freshly-baked in the traditional Persian style, but if often found with creative tweaks that keep the menu innovative as well. Starters include everything from the house specialty dip perfect when combined with spicy wings or flavored Dolmeh. Those who order the kabobs will be treated to a parade of flavors as lamb, chicken, salmon, and prawns are decorated with a delicate saffron sauce and delivered up in elegant style. Vegetable stew, eggplant, and falafel come highly recommended by those who regularly visit this delicious dining establishment. It may just be the many side options that make a trip to Rumi’s truly unforgettable. Customize any or all dishes by choosing between braised beef tips, sour cherries, orange zest almonds or even dried barberry when you’re looking for something extra special.

The Best of Beverages

Wine lovers who are dining at Rumi’s Kitchen will be thrilled with the vast selection of reds, whites and sparkling labels that are served by the glass. Beer and hand-crafted cocktails are also on the menu for those looking for something a bit different. Rumi’s Kitchen produces several non-alcoholic homemade sodas with flavors ranging from mango to peach, passion fruit, and berry. If you’re looking for a more intimate dining experience, private dining options at Rumi’s Kitchen are always available upon request.

Rumi’s Kitchen in Atlanta

After a wonderful dining experience at Rumi’s Kitchen, be sure you have a home away from home booked to guarantee a great night’s rest. The team at Atlanta Luxury Rentals is here to help you take care of the stylish accommodation details so you can focus on finding the best restaurants in the city. Contact us today to start planning your delicious Atlanta getaway.

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