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Location: 3940 Buford Highway, B103, Duluth, GA

Did you ever wonder if there was anything more than noodle bowls, fried rice, etc. on an Asian menu? Well, come on down to the Masterpiece Atlanta! This Asian restaurant is brimming with delicious and unusual choices for the whole family. Located in a strip mall off the beaten path, some critics have called Masterpiece the best Chinese food in Atlanta. Chef Rui Liu was nominated by the James Beard Foundation for the title of best Chef in the Southeast in 2018, which might surprise people who visit this simple little restaurant. Chef Liu, originally from northeast China, authored three cookbooks even before stepping foot in America. His creations are always in high demand, and we recommend reservations. Otherwise, you may have a lengthy wait—which, of course, will be worth it!

Soup, Appetizers, Rice, and Dumplings

Start with one of Masterpiece Restaurant’s delicious appetizers. A few of the favorites are Szechuan Style Bean Jelly, Pot Stickers, and either Purple Potato or Pumpkin Juice Dumplings. If you like fried rice, there are several appetizer choices for you, including a yummy House Special fried rice. A great shareable is the Zhong Style Wonton. There are ten of these perfectly created wontons, spiced to perfection for your whole table to enjoy before the main course. The cold dishes and soups are also quite popular. Cucumber & Mashed Garlic is a spicy favorite, and Coriander Minced Fish Soup is a great choice on a hot day when you need something a little more substantial.

Main Courses

You will need some time to choose between all the delectable offerings. Pepper Stir Fried Hen, Double Cooked Pork, Cumin Beef and Fish Fillet & Sizzling Rice are always top favorites. Vegetarians will love the large Tofu & Vegetable menu. While there are some fish and meat choices on this section, vegetarians are all fond of the Kun Pao Tofu, Dry Fried String Bean, and Stir Fried Chinese Broccoli or Ear Mushrooms. But if you really want to be adventurous, try the Eggplant with Chili Powder & Pepper Ash Powder. The inside is cooked to the lusciousness that can only come from an eggplant, which contrasts with the crisp outer layer, all with the perfect amount of spice. This dish is a favorite of foodies.

Whether you order a dish that is commonly found in America or something more adventurous, don’t miss Masterpiece if you’re looking for some spicy, authentic Chinese food created by the hands of a real Sichuan chef.

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