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Atlanta Wildlife Areas

Those who love the urban landscape flock to Atlanta in the name of big city living and all of the entertainment, food and fun to be found in this thriving metropolis. However, equally as exciting are the many opportunities to get up close with Atlanta Georgia wildlife. Supporting a variety of diverse eco systems and animal life, you don’t have to look far in Atlanta to run into some truly amazing creatures. Here are a few of the best places to visit when you’re here and looking for a wild adventure that gets you into nature.

Elwyn John Wildlife Sanctuary

Towering trees, moss-covered trails and stones as well as foot bridges leading over babbling creeks make the Elwyn John Wildlife Sanctuary a prime destination for nature lovers visiting Atlanta. The undisturbed and protected environment keeps this nearly 2-mile loop of land in pristine condition, encouraging wildlife to live and thrive as they please. Bird-watchers, in particular, will find a vast array of species to be spotted in this area. A small playground is built into the grounds making this location an ideal place to introduce children to the natural world and provide a place for them to run off excess energy once the hike is done.

Blue Heron Nature Preserve

Tucked away off of Roswell Road NE lies the Blue Heron Nature Preserve. With over 30-acres of land dedicated to the conservation of Atlanta’s most prized natural resources, visitors to this beautiful destination are sure to run into some stunning plant and Atlanta Georgia wildlife along the trails. Take time to enjoy the view from a number of bridges or walk leisurely through the woods to the music of a chorus of birds overhead. A community garden additionally works to attract rare butterflies to the area, ensuring their survival year over year.

Constitution Lakes

A DeKalb County favorite, Constitution Lakes is 125-acres of space dedicated to nature conservation that has transformed itself into one of the most interesting stops in Atlanta. While its primary purpose is to act as a refuge for the many animals that call this area home – including Blue Herons, geese, turtles, catfish, woodpeckers and many more – it has also become an impromptu art gallery of sorts. Flooding is common in the area, often leaving a trail of trash in its wake. Instead of letting trash pile up, local artists take it upon themselves to turn leftover home goods and discarded items into interesting art that decorates the natural world around.
Don’t be surprised to find dolls, televisions, tires or fishing lures transformed into decorative additions to trails and paths as you make your way through this scenic area. Visitors are encouraged to add their own artistic touch to the place, but only by repurposing the left-behind items they come across during their visit.

Wildlife in Georgia

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