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Top 5 Wildlife Watching Spots in Atlanta

A vacation can be considered successful when it takes you far away from your routine. Rather than remind you about the daily activities of your life, it should be able to clear your mind for some fun-filled moments of leisure. This is easily possible when you pick a spot rich with natural wonders. If you go to a destination with forests, national parks, trails, mountains, and wildlife, you can admire the natural beauty from a close distance. It can free your mind to stop, reflect, ponder, and soak the happiness around you. If you would like to visit such a place with rich wildlife and excellent sanctuaries, you can consider the gorgeous city of Atlanta in Georgia. There are plenty of natural attractions that can take you close to the natural wonders and Atlanta wildlife. While in Atlanta, you can visit many famous wildlife-watching spots, soak in the natural beauty, and take lots of photographs!

Morningside Nature Preserve

Explore a wide preserve with nature trails, lush trees, and picturesque landscape at the Morningside Nature Preserve. The preserve has many walking paths, flowers, plants, and birds. It offers a boardwalk that cuts through the preserve. It also has a bridge to explore the rich spread of trees in the vicinity. Nestled within a neighborhood in the city, it offers a good break from the city roads and concrete landscape. It is an excellent escape from the city where you can admire the natural green space, listen to birds, and spend some quality time with nature.

Constitution Lakes

Situated near an industrial park, the Constitution Lakes area is a good spot with trails, boardwalk, and gravel paths. There are many varieties of birds such as ducks, hawks, geese, and coopers. You can also see deer on the trails. It features a large pond in the center. You can capture many scenic views and picturesque landscapes of Atlanta nature along the trail.

Blue Heron Nature Preserve

Explore the untouched beauty of nature in this 30-acre green space in Atlanta. You can enjoy the natural wonders of meadows, wetlands, woodlands, and riparian areas. There are different trails where you can get to see wildlife, birds, trees, and the natural flora and fauna. The preserve also contains a conservation area and education center. You can walk over the 3-mile Blueway Trail that passes through the preserve and admires all the natural sights. Some of the common animal species in the preserve include tree frogs, North American beaver, white-tailed deer coyote, red-tailed hawks, dwarf salamander, and many more exciting species.

East Palisades Trail and Bamboo Forest

Admire the natural wildlife at the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area. The East Palisades is a 3.3-mile trail that features a river, lots of trees and plants, birds, wildflowers, and wildlife. The bamboo forest is a spacious area covered with many bamboo trees. The river forms a picturesque landscape with the surrounding trees. It is popular among visitors for kayaking and paddle boating.

Cascade Springs Nature Preserve

Get a closer view of beautiful waterfalls, rich forests, and a variety of Atlanta wildlife when you visit the Cascade Springs Nature Preserve. Located in the southwest Atlanta neighborhood, the nature preserve takes you to a quiet and wonderful spot away from the bustling city. It is known for offering a peaceful experience as you walk over the trail amidst nature. It covers an estimated area of 120 acres with a wildlife-filled forest. There are many deer, birds, turtles, and fish in the nature preserve.

See the Sights in Atlanta

The city is a popular choice among tourists as it has some incredible restaurants, bars, recreation centers, parks, and trails. There are lots to do in this vibrant city filled with an enthusiastic flavor that keeps growing. While looking for comfortable and safe accommodations in the city, you can consider our Atlanta vacation rentals. We have plenty of luxury vacation rentals with excellent facilities, updated amenities, and an exceptional level of service. Our top priority is customer satisfaction; we strive to deliver the best quality service in every area. You can relax, rest, and get a good night’s sleep before heading out to explore the various attractions in the city. The updated kitchen, bedrooms, and living room will give you a comfortable feeling as good as home. Our Atlanta rentals are found at convenient locations around the city. You can stay close to the action while making the most of the views, comforts, and facilities. We also offer pet-friendly rentals, short-term rentals, and rental homes for big families.

Take a wonderful break from the usual tourist attractions and spend some quiet time in nature. There are exciting wildlife spots where you can see the different species of birds, animals, and trees. As these spots are located in and around the city, you can reach them within a short while. Book your vacation at one of our Atlanta luxury vacation rentals and make the most of this excellent spot. We are more than happy to help you with the booking process. You can take advantage of our modern amenities and facilities for a comfortable stay away from home.

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