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Top 5 Brunch Restaurants in Atlanta

When you head to a vibrant city for a vacation, you can make the most of your time at the destination. Atlanta, Georgia is one such spot that has plenty of exciting options for everyone. Whether you visit with your family or friends or plan a solo trip for a break, Atlanta is an excellent choice. It has plenty of restaurants, bars, cafes, brunch spots, and food joints. You will also notice a wide variety of tourist attractions for the entire family. From nature preserves with long trails to well-maintained parks with playgrounds, recreation centers for games and activities to museums and art centers- the city has it all.

Atlanta is famous for its dining hotspots. You can sample every type of cuisine and enjoy diverse flavors and recipes. It has a perfect mix of everything. From fine dining options with the finest menu of food and drinks to casual food joints for a quick bite, there are excellent choices of every type. There are plenty of cute cafes with a great selection of coffee and breakfast items. And if you are in the mood to start your day with a hearty brunch before heading out to explore the city, you will be overwhelmed by the numerous choices for brunch spots in Atlanta.

Breakfast at Barneys

Visit this popular brunch restaurant for a gourmet American breakfast and brunch menu. There are many options of appetizing meals made with fresh quality ingredients. All the reviews point to the delicious spread and consistent quality of the famous dishes. You can try out popular choices such as soul rolls, steak and eggs, chicken sausage, and lamb chops. You can also enjoy some delicious pancakes and appetizing drinks such as iced tea, cocktails, and mimosas.

Nana’s Chicken & Waffles

A popular traditional buffet and breakfast restaurant in the city, Nanas Chicken & Waffles is loved by tourists and locals alike for the best brunch in Atlanta. The menu has a rich collection of drinks and food items. You can choose a perfect breakfast plate from choices such as omelet breakfast, chicken and waffles breakfast, Cajun shrimp and grits, and salmon croquet. There are many lunch choices too for a complete dining experience.

Egg Harbor Café

Grab a wide variety of breakfast and brunch options at this popular café. The spot is well known for its variety, quality, and consistency. Relish the popular French toast with lots of gourmet ingredients. You can enjoy varied dishes such as eggs benedict, turkey bacon, smoked salmon benedict, and lobster scramble. Every recipe has an authentic American flavor that can satisfy your stomach and taste buds. It is also known for exciting drinks such as half coffee half chocolate or the famous strawberry orange juice.

Buttermilk Kitchen

Enjoy the traditional Southern taste of American cuisine at one of the most loved brunch spots in Atlanta. Bringing the flavors of authentic family recipes to the table, the restaurant transports to you a happy place with gourmet taste as the central highlight. The menu has a variety of traditional, modern, and contemporary dishes that can appeal to every member of the group. Everything on the menu is worth trying. From mouthwatering fried chicken to gourmet French toast, pimento cheese omelets to short ribs, and popular scrambled eggs to fried egg BLT, the menu is filled with exciting dishes.

Atlanta Breakfast Club

When you scroll through the reviews of this hotspot, you will realize the popularity and quality of the best brunch in Atlanta. Find great food, great service, and great ambiance when you visit this place for American breakfast and brunch. The restaurant uses high-quality ingredients and turns them into mouthwatering dishes for the customers. For popular breakfast items, you can pick a breakfast bowl, breakfast tacos, crispy chicken biscuits, southern breakfast, or regular French toast. The lunch menu has some exciting options like seafood gumbo, fried chicken sandwiches, and shrimp po’ boys, to name a few.

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