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World of Coca-Cola

Ever since Coca-Cola was introduced as a medicine in 1889, it has been the most popular soft drink in the country. The syrupy and bubbly concoction offers the perfect accompaniment to the starchy diet that we Americans love so much. You may think you know everything about this pleasing marriage of coco leaves and kola nuts, but the beverage has a long history and a fabulous future, and you can learn all about it at the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, Georgia. As you walk in the door, you will be handed a complementary Coke, and after this pause that refreshes, you can begin your tour of the center’s fabulous exhibits.

The Loft

Here you will learn about the history of Coca-Cola. You will see early advertisements for Coke and even a vintage syrup urn.

Vault of the Secret Formula

Although the ingredients are listed on the can per federal law, the balance of those ingredients is a secret from the public. You will see where this formula is secured when you visit this enormous vault. You can even try to make your own soda and see if you can come up with a formula of your own.

Bottle Works

This exhibit will show you where the sticky and bubbly magic begins. You will get a behind the scenes glimpse of the Coca-Cola bottling process which has been slowed down for your viewing and learning pleasure.

Coca-Cola Polar Bear

Now is your chance to meet the companies most famous spokes-bear. The furry celebrity will be happy to pose for a picture with you and your kids.

Pop Culture Gallery

Here you can learn all about the famous pop’s place in popular culture. This gallery features an exhibit about the Sprite Boy campaign. The Sprite Boy was the little blonde cartoon character who represented the company for 20 years. You will also learn about the rise and fall of New Coke in the 1980s.

Perfect Pause Theater

After a day of walking around World of Coca-Cola, you can sit back and enjoy a film about the history of advertisements for the beverage. You will see how Coke has been marketed in the USA and around the world.

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