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Vehicle Rental FAQs

Do I need insurance to rent a vehicle

The renter must provide proof of an active insurance policy in the primary renter’s name. The policy must provide collision, comprehensive, and liability coverage that transfers to your rental.

Is a Security Deposit Required

Yes, we require a security deposit of $1,000. Cash deposit retainers will be returned after the rental period if no damages are incurred during the term of the rental. If any damages are found once the vehicle has been returned, we will provide you with an onsite evaluation, and deduct it from your deposit.


What kinds of payments are accepted

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.


How old do I have to be to rent a vehicle

You must be at least 30 years of age to rent from us. You must not have any severe moving violations and/or DUI cases on your record. If so, there is a possibility your rental agreement and or reservation will be denied.

Can I add another driver

Yes, you can add one additional driver to your rental agreement, the same rules and regulations apply for additional drivers such as age (30 years old), full coverage insurance and a clean driving record.

May I cancel my reservation

After a reservation has been made, we authorize your credit card for $500 or 50% of the total rental cost (whichever is greater will be applied). If you reschedule, cancel, or do not show up for your reservation less than 7 days before hand you will be charged 100% of the total rental cost as a cancellation fee. The cancellation fees may be waived (At our sole discretion) for special or unforeseen circumstances (hurricanes, tropical storms, etc.)



Fuel, Tolls, Driving Tickets, Towed Vehicles, Parking Tickets and Red-Light Camera Tickets:

The refueling charge for a rental will be $5/gallon.

Driving tickets:

Each driver is responsible for their own driving citation’s and driving tickets.

Towed vehicle:

Any towing charges or damages incurred during the rental cycle will be deducted from the deposit and/or billed to the client. The client can continue the rental after the charges are paid and the vehicle is released.

Parking tickets and red-light cameras:

The renter is fully responsible for any parking citations, and red-light camera tickets during the rental period.

Can I return my car a day or more early

 We charge the full amount of the rental in advance or on the day of the rental. Once a vehicle is reserved, we are not allowed to rent the vehicle during the days of your rental period. If you cancel early and provide at least 48 hours notice, you will be given a credit for future vehicle rentals in the amount of days left during your rental period.



How many miles do I get per day

Miles are restricted to 100 miles per day. If you surpass those miles, you will be charged an additional $2.50 per mile. These fees are applied only when vehicles are returned and discounted from the deposit.

Can I get a car for just 1 day rental

We have a 2-day minimum rental requirement.

Can I drive outside the state of Georgia

You are not allowed to leave the state of Georgia or travel beyond 100 miles from our office unless consent is given from the management. Below are some scenarios that are not allowed:

·       for any illegal purpose or in connection with any illegal activity

·       to exceed any posted speed limits

·       in any racetrack or road course

·       by anyone not licensed to drive or whose Driver’s License has been suspended or restricted to carry persons or property for hire

·       to push or tow anything

·       to teach anyone to drive

·       on any unpaved surface

Does Atlanta Luxury Rentals deliver the vehicle

At Atlanta Luxury Rentals, we pride ourselves in providing an exceptional experience to our clients renting our luxury vehicles. An agent from Atlanta Luxury Rentals will meet you at your rental property where they will perform a pre delivery inspection with you and hand over the keys to your luxury vehicle.

During what hours may you pick up your rental

Our agent will meet you between the hours of 11 am and 9 pm EST as long as you are checked into your property.