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Atlanta, Georgia is a sprawling oasis of adventure no matter where your passions or interests lie. For those who love the great outdoors, Atlanta is home to a variety of parks, trails, and waterways that provide pristine moments by kayak or on foot. For those travelers that enjoy making time for amazing food, Atlanta hosts a seemingly endless number of guided food tours that give you a taste of the best everything the city has to offer. From breweries to music festivals, downtown fun to off the beaten path excursions, Atlanta is as diverse as it gets. While the outdoor adventure is guaranteed when you find yourself in the city when the weather isn’t cooperating, be sure to add these indoor attractions to the itinerary. Don’t let the rain, heat or cold get you down. When you’re in town, the Atlanta indoor attractions are just as intriguing as the outside world!

 One of the Best Atlanta Indoor Attractions – Southeastern Railway Museum

Whether you’ve always loved the technology and history of trains or you’re traveling to Atlanta with family, there’s something special about an afternoon spent at the Southeastern Railway Museum. Located at 3595 Buford Highway, this museum is a vast establishment packed with opportunities to enjoy model trains, a collection of antique train cars as well as a full model train station. Let your imagination run wild as you browse exhibits that highlight everything from the evolution of baggage to locomotives and the transit details that made the age of the railroad possible.

Children’s Museum of Atlanta

Technically, the Children’s Museum is a haven of fun and adventure for kids, but that doesn’t mean that adults don’t love it too. When faced with a day that’s best spent indoors, a trip to the Children’s Museum of Atlanta is in order. Located at 275 Centennial Olympic Park Drive NW this museum is the ultimate hands-on learning experience where children can run free, play, climb and explore at will. From food exhibits to displays that highlight the fun of learning about other countries and cultures, this museum focuses on making learning fun at every possible turn. Enjoy bubble centers, waterworks exhibits and plenty of opportunities to create something imaginative when you choose to spend time at the children’s museum.

CNN Studio Tour

From weather maps to teleprompters and the many technical details in between, the CNN Studio Tour is a fun and informational way to spend an afternoon in Atlanta. Learn what it takes to put a newscast together while getting the opportunity to speak with the people that make it happen. Fans of CNN will enjoy the fun that comes with knowing you could bump into your favorite broadcaster at any moment!

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