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The city of Atlanta, Georgia is many things to many travelers. For some, it’s the place to be when you’re ready to enjoy cityscape adventures with big names ranging from time at the stunning Georgia Aquarium to tours of the CNN Headquarters. For others, it’s a place to enjoy downtown fun balanced out by hikes and nature walks accessible just outside the city limits. From luxurious getaways to family fun trips, Atlanta is a city with the best of it all, just waiting to be explored. If you find yourself here over the Easter holiday, even better! The city comes to life in the name of celebration whether you’re into sightseeing or can’t wait to hunt Easter eggs. Here are a few stops to add to your holiday itinerary for Easter in Atlanta.

Family Fun Easter in Atlanta Egg Hunt

When parents and the little ones are excited to enjoy an Easter egg hunt together, head over to the Callanwolde Fine Arts Center at 980 Briarcliff Road NE on Saturday, April 11, 2020, between 8:30 am and 11:30 am. Parking is included in the admission price of $7.50 for adults if purchased online prior to the event and $10 at the door. Children 12 and under can enjoy this Eggstravaganza Family Egg Hunt for no cost and it’s only required that everyone bring a basket, camera, and spirit of fun! The doors to the event open at 8:30 am with a special announcement and plenty of fun family games, face painting, and crafts waiting. A special dance performance follows at 9:15 am and the egg hunts are off and running by 9:30 am. There are thousands of candy-filled eggs hidden, making this a treat for everyone! Food, drinks, and games turn this family Easter egg hunt into an experience you won’t want to miss.

Brunch in the Park at Park Tavern

Piedmont Park is a highlight of any trip to Atlanta, and when you’re here over for Easter in Atlanta, you can enjoy the view and brunch too by reserving your table at Park Tavern. This delightful restaurant located at 500 10th Street NE will once again host its famous Easter brunch between the hours of 10:00 am and 4:00 pm on Sunday, April 12, 2020. An egg hunt for children under 12 begins at noon with the rest of the morning and afternoon dedicated to savory bites! From pancakes and eggs to mimosas and fresh fruit, brunch at Park Tavern is sure to inspire the taste buds. The adult brunch buffet ticket price is $39.95 while children 7 to 12 eat for $17.95 and those 4-6 can dine for $5.

Team Scavenger Hunt Adventure

When you’re hoping to spend your holiday making the most of city sightseeing, sign up for a team city scavenger hunt through Puzzling Adventures on Easter in Atlanta. Pricing ranges between $15 and $30 depending on the hunt you choose with a recommended starting point situated at 15 Peachtree Street. Teams make their way through the city, finding specified locations and learning a lot together along the way. The route is digital and only requires your phone and an internet connection.

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From Centennial Park to the sprawling Georgia Aquarium, historic Inman Park to the bustling streets of Ponce City Market, the city of Atlanta has a way with exciting scenery that’s hard to top. No matter when you find your travel plans bringing you this direction, it’s likely that the list of places you want to see stops you want to make and restaurants you’re hoping to savor is as lengthy as it is thrilling. While it’s tempting to pack a bag full of Atlanta travel goodies for any and all situations you might encounter in the city, taking time to travel light is a sure way to make the most of your time spent exploring. When you’re hoping to whittle it down to the essentials and focus on the fun, here are three tips for a light Atlanta travel.

Saving Space During Winter for Your Atlanta Travel

It’s easy to assume that Atlanta’s location in the south makes it a year-round warm weather destination, but this isn’t always the case. Atlanta is prone to winter weather that comes with chillier temperatures and if you choose on a fun Atlanta travel at this time of year, it’s likely that you’ll need to dedicate space in the suitcase to layers and bulkier and heavier clothing and coats overall. Space-saving vacuum bags can reduce the burden on your suitcase caused by these bulky coats. If you’re flying to Atlanta, you can also opt to wear your cold weather gear on the flight, saving room in your bags for souvenirs on the return trip!

Make 2/3 the Limit

You might tell yourself you don’t need anything else, but then you’ll inevitably stumble upon that perfect souvenir, or maybe two, during your Atlanta adventure. Leave the stress of having to figure out how to get it all home behind by dedicating yourself to only packing your suitcase two-thirds of the way full for your trip. This strategy allows for plenty of extra space on the return for those items you just don’t want to leave behind. Not only will this make your route to Atlanta lighter, but coming back, the extra weight won’t be such a hassle to maneuver since you’ll be well on your way to unpacking soon.

Fold and Go Packing

It’s likely that your Atlanta travel plans will have you out exploring and enjoying the city during the day before heading out to restaurants or bars in the evening. Packing full sets of shoes, and particularly for women, packing extra heels for the transition between events can be a hassle. Instead of taking up space with shoe bulk, consider purchasing a pair of fold-up ballet slippers to get the same job done. These elegant flats can be wadded up and put in a purse during sightseeing and easily swapped out when you’re ready for an evening out.

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There’s something about Atlanta that’s hard to resist. This bustling and vibrant destination that calls the south home has a way of calling to travelers looking for city-based fun and outdoor adventure in equal measure. Between the many museums, fine dining establishments, and world-renowned landmarks, an itinerary can fill up fast with room to grow. It’s diverse appeal and wide range of places to see and explore make it a city that’s just as suited to those traveling in a group as it is to the solo traveler hoping for an adventure. When you’re headed to Atlanta and are looking for things to do that are fun for one, there are plenty of options to choose from. Here are a few activities in Atlanta to be sure to enjoy while you’re in town.

Activities in Atlanta – Unexpected Atlanta Walking Tours

Being a solo city traveler comes with the benefit of options to meet up with other travelers in the same situation and enjoy time together! A great way to do this is to book a spot on an Unexpected Atlanta Walking Tour, where you’ll see some of the city’s most intriguing sights, learn a lot along the way and be independently part of a crowd as well. Whether you sign up for the Grant Park Past and Future walk or focus on the King Historic District Tour, these experiences take about 2.5 hours to complete and prices range from $35-$75 per person. If you love the outdoors, this will probably be one of your favorite activities in Atlanta!

Atlanta Botanical Garden

Solo travelers to Atlanta won’t want to miss an opportunity to browse the grounds at the Atlanta Botanical Garden where quiet reflection is firmly key to making the most of this scenic destination. Located at 1345 Piedmont Avenue NE, the Atlanta Botanical Garden has been a staple in the city since 1976 and provides guests with over 30 acres to roam, explore and truly enjoy. Savor the colors of the ever-changing exhibits that grace this facility and if you’re in the mood for something more, be sure to check the events calendar as the garden regularly hosts educational programs for children and adults alike.

Food Tours Atlanta

One of the most difficult aspects of traveling solo for many is trying to figure out where to eat and how to do it comfortably. Instead of searching for a space in a restaurant and cozying up in the corner with a book by yourself, make dining and sightseeing a more social event by booking a spot on a Food Tour Atlanta. From Ponce City Market to Inman Park, you’ll make your way through these exciting neighborhoods alongside a local guide and other participants to not only learn the area’s history but savor plenty of stops along the way. Fill up and find new friends when you’re traveling solo and looking to make the most of delicious moments too. If you are a foody, this will be one of your favorite activities in Atlanta!

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The capital of the state of Georgia is more than just a star on the map. When it comes to vacation destinations, Atlanta tops the list of versatile and exciting places where visitors can come and indulge in a long list of activities that capture the culture, arts, outdoor adventure and entertainment in equal measure. Just as it’s known as a vibrant city to explore, cocktails in Atlanta are filled with creative flavor. For those that can’t wait to include some divine cocktail stops on their itinerary, Atlanta promises not to disappoint. Here are a few must-try locales that serve up some of the city’s finest handcrafted cocktails in Atlanta.


Situated at 710 Ponce de Leon Avenue NE, 8Arm is the perfect place to find yourself when you’re looking for a savory cocktail to enjoy in a setting that’s as eclectic as it is welcoming. 8Arm first opened in 2016 and quickly became famous for the fact it was established within a refurbished shipping container! The interior is a collection of palm frond murals and cozy seating arrangements topped off with new wave bands playing over the loudspeakers. While it’s easy to find traditional cocktails at this establishment, the more interesting ones are well-worth a try, including the Coquito, which is a Puerto Rican Christmas favorite, or perhaps the Café Kirsch, which combines German brandy, cane sugar, and iced coffee.

Bon Ton Atlanta

If you find yourself near 674 Myrtle Street NE, stop on in Bon Ton Atlanta and find the charm, rhythm, and flavors of New Orleans coming to life right in the heart of Georgia. This fun and inviting destination is a popular stop for dinner but is just as notorious for its lineup of bold and innovative handcrafted cocktails in Atlanta. The restaurant isn’t hard to miss with its lavender-covered exterior but once you’re inside, you’re sure to be focused on the flavor. If you’re looking for a beverage that makes you feel like you’ve found yourself directly on Bourbon Street, try the Hurricane which features rum, or the Sazerac.


The Japanese cocktail scene is popular in Atlanta and Himitsu is perhaps the most well-known stop when you’re looking for a place where culture, flavor, and atmosphere collide. Situated at 3050 Peachtree Road NW, Himitsu provides a provocative lounge-inspired ambiance that requires a reservation. Once you’re settled in, prepare to be inspired under the dim lighting by a combination of cocktails that feature everything from cognac and gin to fine whiskeys that come with bold undertones.

Set Your Sights on Cocktails in Atlanta

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