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Location: 36 Mill Street, Marietta, GA

In a neat little corner of an old train depot in Marietta is a very busy, popular restaurant called Spring. It was founded by Chef Brian So, whose approach is “less is more.” And in this case, less really is more. In So’s philosophy of minimalism, the time is spent creating excellence instead of making sure he offers dozens of choices. Note: This is a perfect approach for travelers, who are very likely overloaded by choices by the time they hit the feedbag.

One of the big draws of Spring restaurant Atlanta is ethical sourcing. As they say on their website at, they are “dedicated to featuring ingredients that support local farmers and artisans who raise food ethically.”  And here is what they do with it all…


As we said above, minimalist. Often there are only three to four choices of appetizer. Each one is a feature in itself, like the Peach Salad. This delectable little salad consists of little gem lettuce, pecans, cucumber, pickled onion and chevre cheese complimenting and contrasting with the peach flavors. One of the favorites is the Ora King Salmon Crudo, which includes cucamelon, dill, pickled onion, and roe on a rice cracker.

Main Courses

Again, minimalism rules! While the typical restaurant might offer at least ten different choices here, Spring Marietta has only three as of this writing. Garganelli—which is a square noodle rolled into a cylinder by its corners, with green garlic cream, morels (Yum!), Fava, and parmesan—is a perfect choice for pasta lovers and vegetarians. Butter Poached Alaskan Halibut is also on the menu and is served with radishes, peas, leek, and a heavenly hollandaise. Grilled Wagyu Flatiron and Braised Short Rib with hakurei turnip, shishito (a mildly spicy Asian pepper), and maitake mushroom tops the choices for meat lovers.


No one should be allowed to leave Spring without trying Chef So’s dessert menu. Sweet Corn Custard with blueberry, caramel corn, and lime? Of course! Carnaroli (an Italian medium-length rice) with raspberry, almond, and champagne sabayon? Why not?

While the ambiance and the menu might be plain and unfussy, the flavors here are adventurous, with attention not just to flavors but to textures and layers. And on top of it all, that atmosphere at Spring is relaxed, not something you would expect to find with upscale choices.

But don’t take our word for it. Visit Spring restaurant in Atlanta and see for yourself what attention to detail—combined with concern for ethical farming—can make.

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