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August 22, 2017 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
General Assembly

About This Event

The world of a web developer extends far beyond the cubicle. We’ve assembled a panel of technologists with an array of interesting careers to share their expertise. Explore some of the possibilities and learn about new career opportunities emerging in the industry!

Overview:Join General Assembly grads and community partners for a panel discussion to learn about the various paths available to developers – from freelance to in house, Dev Ops, Front End to Full Stack, Cybersecurity, and more!

What you’ll take away:

  • Better understanding of the career options to someone who knows how to code
  • Learn what are the most in demand skills in Atlanta
  • Get the scoop on what companies look for in a hire
  • Discover resources to get you started

Why it’s important: The tech industry is growing at a rapid pace and web development skills are in high demand. A lack of skilled professionals gives you the opportunity to define your own career trajectory.

Prereqs & Preparation

This class has no prerequisites, even if you are not familiar with coding, this session is a great introduction to the career possibilities in Atlanta.

About the Instructors

 Advanced Software Developer,

Chris is a proud GA alumnus with a passion for building cool stuff and a belief in the power of tech to improve lives. Prior to GA, he was an IT technician at an electronics refurbishment company. He completed General Assembly’s Web Development Immersive course in 2015. He currently works at Turner.

 Web Developer ,
Adult Swim

Formerly a Master BMW Diagnostician and freelancer, Josh Sandlin is a mountain bike and beer enthusiast currently working as a Web application architecture engineer for Adult Swim Digital. He’s also an alum of General Assembly’s Web Development Immersive Program and describes himself as a professional bug catcher, as long as those bugs are the kind that live deeply nested in code.

Some of the technologies that Josh works with include: JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Python, Ruby on Rails, WordPress, Laravel and Nginx.

 Founder ,

 Full Stack Software Engineer,
The Home Depot

Justin is a former teacher and proud GA graduate, having completed the Web Development Immersive in 2016. Being a former educator, he loves helping those around him learn to code in any way he can. He currently works as a Software Engineer at The Home Depot.

Justin works with JavaScript, Angular, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, Java, and SQL.