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Top 5 Under the Radar Attractions

Atlanta is a fantastic vacation destination full of well-known and iconic destinations. Although these destinations are must-see attractions in the city, there are several places throughout the city that are off the beaten path and may not be as well known. Whether you are a repeat visitor to Atlanta, or you simply enjoy exploring the lesser-known quirks of a city, keep reading to learn more about our top attractions Atlanta offers under the radar!

Atlanta Glass Treehouse

There are tons of examples of impressive architecture throughout the city of Atlanta, from stately homes and government buildings to quirky structures decorated with colorful public art. However, one of the under-the-radar places in the city is known as the glass treehouse. This two-story home is constructed of a combination of glass panels, recycled materials, and steel hardware that create this illusion of almost an invisible structure. Nearly impossible to perceive from the street, the glass treehouse is elevated in the trees, creating a unique illusion that is to be seen to be believed and makes this attraction a must-visit to anyone who is interested in unusual architecture.

Junkman’s Daughter

Located in the heart of the Little Five Points neighborhood, Junkman’s Daughter should be on the list of top things to do in Atlanta for anyone seeking an eccentric shopping experience. Although Junkman’s Daughter boasts an impressive list of famous clientele including Steven Tyler, Cyndi Lauper, Lenny Kravitz, and more, it is not as well known to the typical tourist in Atlanta. Founded in 1982, original owner Pam Majors was inspired to open the store by her father’s career as a junkman. Initially, the store was started as a way to sell out the eccentric items her parents collected, but it has since grown to be an epicenter for unique finds within the city. Now, Junkman’s Daughter occupies 10,000 square feet of retail space and stands out in the city for its bright and colorful murals on the exterior. Open 7 days a week, Junkmans’ Daughter is the perfect destination for anyone seeking a one-of-a-kind souvenir or looking to spend the afternoon browsing interesting merchandise.

CDC Museum

Atlanta is famously the home of the nation’s Center for Disease Control, but what many people may not know is that there is an entire museum devoted to its history. First opened in 1996 to mark the 50th anniversary of the CDC, the museum is an interesting, although perhaps a bit morbid, look into the history of the CDC. The museum is full of informative and detailed displays that explore the science, history, and technology that the CDC has used throughout the years to help keep Americans safe from disease. Science fiction comes to life at the CDC Museum.

Krog Street Tunnel and Tiny House Doors

Many metropolitan cities are filled with public art pieces, but the unique cultural environment of Atlanta has created a different approach here. Unlike most cities that feature statues or carefully planned murals, Atlanta’s most popular public art destination is the Krog Street Tunnel. This overpass was first built in 1912 and has been the location of a consistent spot for local graffiti dating back to the 1960s. The Krog Street Tunnel isn’t a formal public art program sponsored by the city, it’s a natural collective of local artists and residents who flock here to find a source for their self-expression. Get in touch with the locals and enjoy a great location for photo opportunities at one of the top attractions in Atlanta. In addition to the graffiti in the tunnel, Atlanta has another unique public art collection with its tiny house doors. Tiny Doors ATL was started by local artist Karen Anderson and consists of a collection of 20 whimsical miniature doors scattered throughout the city. These doors create a fun scavenger hunt of sorts for the city and is a great way to explore Atlanta in a unique way!

Westview Cemetery

If you regularly visit older cities, you may know that heading to the local cemetery is a great way to learn about the local history and Atlanta is no exception. Although you could head to one of the many local history museums, consider adding an unusual attraction to your to-do list and visit Westview Cemetery. Founded in 1884, Westview Cemetery is the largest cemetery in the American Southeast. Westview is a beautiful, sprawling cemetery consisting of 600 acres and over 100,000 deceased residents. You’ll find an interesting selection of people buried here, from the founder of Coca-Cola to local rappers. The highlight of the cemetery is the West View Abbey Mausoleum, a stunning piece of architecture built in the 1940s and containing thousands of tombs. In addition to the Mausoleum, you’ll also find beautiful graves, obelisks, fountains, vaults, and a water tower.

Leave behind the typical tourist destinations and visit our top 5 under the radar attractions in Atlanta! Don’t forget to book your accommodation somewhere close! Contact us today!

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