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Top 5 Late-Night Hangout Spots in Atlanta

Atlanta is one of the most happening cities in Georgia. You can spend a day visiting the downtown area. There are excellent restaurants, bars, cafes, and clubs. You will notice a diverse mix of cuisines with authentic taste and incredible recipes. There is something for everyone in this lively city. Whether you visit alone for an exciting solo trip or go with friends for a much-needed vacation, you will easily find lots to do in the city. It is also an excellent family-friendly location, as it has many parks, trails, recreation areas with ponds, trees, and birds. The city allows you to explore a lot within a short while.

If you are visiting with friends, you can check out the happening night hangout spots. This includes lounges with an incredible selection of drinks. You can also visit music venues for catching a live performance of bands and local artists. You may also find some famous comedy clubs for fun-filled performances by comedians. And if you are excited to dance to some happening beats, you can find the perfect nightclubs in the city. Check out our picks for the top five spots to experience Atlanta nightlife below!

CRU Urban Longue

CRU Urban Longue is a loft transformed into a bar, restaurant, and hookah lounge for unlimited entertainment with friends. You can enjoy delicious cocktails, beers, and a wide variety of liquor options. The restaurant has appetizing bar snacks, bigger bites, soup, and salads. Some popular bar snacks include poutine, bar nut, antipasti, and grilled flatbread. For satisfying meals, you can grab a grass-fed burger, pulled pork tacos, chicken club, and organic chicken and wild mushroom quiche.

Joystick Gamebar

Play exciting fun games, grab some gourmet food, and enjoy a wide selection of liquor at the Joystick Gamebar Arcade and cocktail bar. It has many arcade games from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. As a perfect hangout spot with friends, you can relive nostalgic memories, while playing your favorite games from childhood. The place is also popular for offering hand-crafted beer, a rich collection of whiskey, and many liquor options paired with gourmet food.

MJQ Concourse

As one of the happening dance clubs in Atlanta, MJQ Concourse is a fun-filled exciting spot to spend the night with friends with the best nightlife in Atlanta. You can expect a happening vibe with loud music and ample space. It also has a variety of drinks on the menu for a complete entertainment experience. You can dance to fast music of different genres.

Bliss Bar & Lounge

Find appetizing food, tempting drinks, and flavorful hookah all under one roof at the Bliss Bar & Longue. It is a popular choice among locals and tourists as it has an exciting ambiance for fun times with friends. You can also listen to some amazing music played by local artists. As the spot combines all the elements of entertainment in the form of food, drinks, and hookah, it is an all-in-one night hangout spot. If you are in the mood to dance, you can use the small dance floor, dancing to the amazing tunes played by the DJ.

Red Phone Booth

If you would like to head to a premium Atlanta nightlife hangout spot, you can stop by Red Phone Booth. It has a stellar collection of liquor that includes craft cocktails, beers, and many other options. You can also relish some gourmet delicacies for your taste buds. The menu features many types of pizzas with exciting toppings for the night. Some popular choices are white clam pie, spicy Sicilian pizza, mushroom pizza, and marinara pizza. A key highlight of this place is the selection of cigars. You can enjoy different types of cigars in this upscale setting for a fun night out with friends.

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Have a great time in the vibrant city of Atlanta that has some of the best hangout spots. Whether you are excited about sampling delicious cocktails in a lounge or smoking hookah and cigars in a relaxing spot, you will find many great places to visit. There are plenty of happening bars with a rich collection of liquor. Find the perfect accommodations close to all the action at Atlanta Luxury Rentals. Enjoy comfort, convenience, and a relaxing ambiance to make your trip successful.

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